24 Nov 2015

Cape Croker Campaign was a huge success!

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What an amazing few days it has been for CanFix! We completed our first large spay/neuter campaign for Cape Croker over the last few days with the amazing teamwork and cooperation of ARF and CanFix members and the community there! They were all so happy (and a little bit nervous and scared about seeing their dogs off for the big journey) that we could help them out! With the Strathroy Vet and EVAH clinics, we were able to spay and neuter 13 animals in one day!

The organization and teamwork was simply awesome. I want to thank all involved from the calling and organizing of owners, the drivers, the overnight accommodation providers, the trip to the vet drivers and of course our wonderful vets who without, this could never have happened! This community really came together and worked with us in an incredible way. They supplied the return trip volunteers yesterday even!

Great job everyone, be proud! Here is a link to a few pics (we were a little busy to get a ton!) I think we need an exclusive ‘media’ person just for pictures and videos on these trips!

Cape Croker Campaign pics